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In another lawsuit, Qualcomm accuses Apple of sharing industrial secrets with Intel

Just yesterday, we published the news that the chip maker Qualcomm saw its profits drop 90% in the fourth fiscal quarter of this year and that much of this could be due to the fact that it is in a major legal dispute with the Apple.

And, even if it does not mean a total defeat of the microchip giant, she seems to have become even more angry with her current partner / rival, because the news now that she has filed yet another lawsuit against Ma, according to Bloomberg.

This time, the chip maker claimed that Apple violated a software license agreement to benefit her Intel, the only other manufacturer that Ma relies on to provide modems for its devices since the iPhone 7.

The chip maker filed a lawsuit against Apple on Wednesday in California's California state court in San Diego, adding yet another bitter legal battle. Apple is being sued for violating a contract that governs the use of software needed to make chips work with other parts of cell phones and communicate with networks.

One of Qualcomm's claims was that Apple had requested proprietary information from Qualcomm by email and included an Intel engineer on the distribution list. In addition, the company said that an engineer from Ma who would be working with the rival manufacturer would have asked a colleague who worked at Qualcomm to offer him information about data download technology.

As such, Apple adds this one more for its collection of battles with the microchip giant.

Obviously, we, who are on the side of the equation, do not know the truth behind the allegations; but that it seems that Qualcomm is pooling all its forces to try to bring down at least some part of Apple, it seems.

via 9to5Mac