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Humor moment: a fake queue for the iPhone X and people commenting what they thought of… 4 ?!

Laugh too good. And Apple launches, even more than new iPhones, are so trendy that they always make good friends.

This time, pro iPhone X, there were two excellent ones.

Waiting in line for iPhone X at a FALSA Apple Store

Leveraging Apple's Fifth Avenue makeover in New York, the channel guys Improv Everywhere they set up a fake store at the entrance to a metro that has a kind of ?glass cube?. They even hired fake employees and consumers to attract the victims. ?

Hollywood Interviews

Jimmy Kimmel did it again: he took his Hollywood Boulevard reporters and they interviewed ordinary people about what they thought of the iPhone X. But in reality, they were looking at an iPhone 4 (from 2010). Don't miss it, hehe.

via MacRumors, Cult of Mac