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Guess which HP executive chairperson's personal computer!

Do you know those images that speak for themselves?

Because :

Ray Lane, President of HP, using a MacBook Air

The photo would be just like any other, if the person pictured above with a MacBook Air was not Raymond "Ray" J. Lane, executive president of Hewlett-Packard (HP) since September this year.

It would be a little strange for an executive so important to use a competitor's product, but if he lets himself be photographed like that, there are another 500. like seeing the president of Pepsi drinking Coca-Cola, that of Ferrari riding a Porsche, that of McDonald's eating a Double Whopper , Nokia's using a Galaxy S II, TAM's traveling by WebJet, Claro's with a Vivo account, Riachuelo's shopping at C&A ok, you understand.

(via SAI; photo via Reuters)