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Gradepen: Create tests and correct them directly on iPad / iPhone

Turn and move, they come up with innovative solutions that have collaborated to make school learning something much more dynamic and fun. I loved my time in high school and, like any (?) Adult, I would dream of going back to school today even more with all this modernity that surrounds us.

Today's tip is well focused on teachers, although it also benefits students directly.

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The focus of Gradepen facilitate and automate much of the process of creating and correcting evidence. The teacher creates and personalizes the assessment on the website and then can correct it directly from the iPad or iPhone / iPod touch. If the test is all objective, he has the option of giving the final grade to the student at the moment he delivers the test to him by simply taking a photo of the template!

The options for customizing tests on the website are varied, not least because Gradepen was created with the help of teachers. It is possible to include objective (multiple choice or true / false) and subjective questions, create questions or use the ones already present in your database, illustrate them with images and graphs, insert mathematical expressions, include a personalized header from your educational institution and more. Optionally, the teacher can even ask the system to generate a single test for each student, shuffling the questions automatically.

In addition, teachers can send test results to students by email, share questions with colleagues, and publish their test templates online.

Available on both the App Store (for iOS) and Google Play (for Android), Gradepen can be tried out for free, but its constant use requires internal payments. A package of 50 mailings, for example, costs $ 1.