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Fleet of electric planes to supply the whole of Norway by 2040

The idea of ??the country is to offer electric and hybrid airplanes so as not to depend so much on gasoline and reduce the emission of gases responsible for the greenhouse effect

Gasoline has become a problem around the world, even more because it is a product in short supply and, increasingly, of high cost. For this and other reasons, Norway will update all aircraft that make national flights and, at 2040, the goal is that electric or hybrid aircraft are already in Norwegian airspace.

According to a report by the Norwegian airline Avinor in partnership with the country's Civil Aviation Agency, airplanes will reduce fuel use and, consequently, reduce greenhouse gas emissions to reduce climate change. The first fully functional models are expected to arrive in the next 10 years.

The documents also confirm that several manufacturers are already developing new models of plane to meet the country's demand. At 2030, Norway must offer the first flight performed entirely with an electric powered vehicle.

Electric aircraftEviation is already in the development of electric aircraft

Electric aircraft for few passengers

The report presents one of the planes being developed for the new stage of the plane in Norway, however, it has only 19 seats. In the future, companies are expected to offer more robust options.

Another model mentioned in the report is Alice, a fully electric aircraft from Eviation which was launched in early 2020 and has a capacity for nine people. When fully loaded, the small aircraft can travel up to 1046 kilometers. As in a giant country, it can meet the need for domestic flights smoothly.

The world is facing a climate crisis and it is up to us, in the transport sector, to make the greatest reductions in emissions (of gases). Helping to achieve this is my main task as Minister of Transport and Communications. We must comply with this, and electric aircraft can be part of the solution, revealed Norway's transport minister, Knut Arild Hareide.

Other manufacturers are already developing options, such as Airbus, which is creating a hybrid plane with a conventional engine in a set of electric batteries. Currently, Norway is already known for being one of the countries that most uses renewable energy around the world, with a high acceptance of electric cars. THE Tesla a famous brand for l.

In comparison with 2020, if the Norwegians are successful in this new journey of electric and hybrid aircraft, it is expected that the gas emissions reduce by at least 80% until 2040.

Source: The Next Web and The Barents Observer