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Factory that produces unibody housings for the MacBook Air has not yet reopened

Remember the story of Catcher Technology, the supplier of the structures unibody MacBooks Air? Well, in October its factory was closed due to a strange odor emanating from certain facilities. She quickly spoke up, stating that she would invest somewhere between $ 2-3 million to remedy the problems and return to activity in November.

MacBook Air unibody body

Everything seemed to be resolved, but according to the InfoWorld, Chinese authorities are still inspecting Catcher's facilities. According to analyst Helen Chiang of IDC, Apple does not appear to have been affected by the problem as it may have diverted production to another supplier.

Good for Apple, who just continue with the problem of the lack of HDDs to worry about; It is bad for Catcher, which in addition to the pollution problem that seems to have not been solved, runs the risk of having lost a nice contract. But that is just the assumptions of this analyst editor who writes to you.

(via MacNews)