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Even with Bluetooth 4.0, rumors about NFC on iPhones continue

According to the DigiTimes, NFC support (Near Field Communication) on Windows Phone 7 and iOS in 2012, the number of smartphones with this feature should jump from 10% to 50% of the total devices on the market in just two or three years.

But who said that Microsoft and Apple will adopt NFC? Named Taiwanese smartphone manufacturers, who point to the GSM Association setting a standard as an indication that the technology will be adopted by more companies.

iPhone with NFC out

iPhone with NFC? Only if so.

Look, nothing personal against NFC, but I find it very difficult to see this on an iPhone on a Windows Phone, on the other hand, I don't doubt anything (I'm going to throw it over the kitchen sink on these devices, to see if they take the stride). Why don't I bet on NFC in a iGadget? Redundancy. If Apple has already adopted Bluetooth 4.0 (or Bluetooth Smart) on iPhones and Macs, why put an extra hardware component to perform the same function? And take into account that I'm not the only one to doubt the future of NFC on iPhones for that reason.

"Ah, but everyone is putting NFC on smartphones!", One can argue. And since when does Apple do what everyone else does? Remember when everyone still put floppies on personal computers? J noticed that everyone uses 16: 9 screens on tablets, while the iPad 4: 3?

(via Cult of Mac)