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eSleeper: and an old eMac is transformed into a cat walk

That's good: I've seen old Macs being turned into aquariums, but in a novelty cat walk.

Well check out this eMac:

Kitten in an eMac - eSleeper

Yes, that eSleeper, created by Samuel Cox.

Watch the video:

Did you notice the internal lighting? That's right: the interior of the eMac now has an automated lighting system that alternates between relaxing colors for the feline. When he enters the bed / house, he is still greeted by the classic Mac startup sound; when leaving, the lights are turned off and a tweet sent to @ eSleeper1 with various phrases about how long the kitten slept.


(blackbirdpie id = ?139655726523101184 ?)

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All of this, of course, controlled by an Arduino Ethernet.

Too good, hahaha!

(via TUAW)