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Easily remove unwanted lines and objects from your photos with the TouchRetouch app

How many times have you taken an amazing photo but got frustrated because it left a small detail in it that ended up ruining your ?masterpiece?? Because the application TouchRetouch came to save you from those moments and probably save you some time in Photoshop.

TouchRetouch app icon

This application allows you to remove ?unwanted? details from your photos and still continue with a great image. Best of all, you don't have to go to the computer to get the job done; with your iPhone and the app, you can do everything in the easiest way possible.

Once you choose an image, there are four options: ?Object Removal? (you select an object to be removed from the photo), "Line Removal" (just touch the line that is possibly disturbing your photo and remove it, leaving the whole landscape ?clean?), "Quick Repair" (used to fix any small imperfections in your image) and, finally, the "Clone Stamp" (feature that allows you to duplicate some element of the photo).

In the app, there are still some other options that make your job easier, such as the ?before and after? button (for you to check how the image was and how it was), the always ?undo / redo? facilitator and also export preferences with history of editing, sending to social networks, in addition to different formats, sizes and qualities.

Despite this, as you can see, the application was not created to be a complete editing tool, only retouching. It is available only for iPhones in the App Store for $ 2 and also for Android, on Google Play.

(via MacStories)