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Displair and Fog Screen technologies can take a MacBook Air to a whole new level


Why so many Apple logos?

Madness, huh? Seeing this, the idea of ??a MacBook Air that would basically be a keyboard came to mind. When turned on, it would project a steam screen in the air and the gesture support would serve to not touch elements of the interface, but to adjust its angle it would be like today's display but without a display. #Travel

If you want something more in style Minority Report, the Finnish Frog Screen produces a steam screen a little bigger, directed to events and shows:

Looking at it now, everything looks extremely crude and low-res, but who knows, with due love, affection, investment and improvement, these dispersed screens may, in about 20 years, come to replace what we use today. I don't know if it's possible, but it would be really cool.

(via TechCrunch Europe)