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Canalys: Apple is on track to become the largest PC maker on the planet, overtaking HP in 2012

Canalys is betting on this, pointing out that 2011 should end with a total of 415 million shipped PCs, a 15% growth since the end of 2010, thanks in large part to tablets. Yes, Canalys is one of those that include tablets in their computer accounts, and that's since the beginning of this year.

Mac family running OS X Lion

Looking ahead to the first half of 2012, Canalys now claims that, driven by the arrival of the iPad 3, Apple could outperform Hewlett-Packard (HP) and become the largest manufacturer on the planet. In the last four quarters alone, the market share of Ma rose from 9% to 15%.

Of the 415 million PCs planned for 2011, Canalys says 211 million were laptops and 59 million were tablets (22 million in the fourth quarter). And it just tends to keep growing.

As if the booming tablet market and the iPad as the biggest beneficiary of this were not enough, Apple also enjoys the ?Halo Effect? with its products. It is no wonder that, in the current quarter, it should surpass the 5 million mark of Macs sold for the first time in history.

(via Macworld UK)