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Apple will take “Everybody Can Program” initiative to 20 more top institutions worldwide

The key that programming languages ??are important to the world has already been hit several times by Apple. The company's intention is to grant autonomy to everyone who wants to create an application in order to put their idea in the world and it has created the means for that.

In yet another effort to leverage this and teach the Swift language to those who want it, Apple announced yesterday that it will expand its initiative ?Everybody Can Program? (Everyone Can Code) to 20 more colleges and universities outside the United States to try to take what is already successful on American soil to other countries.

We launched the ?Everybody Can Program? initiative less than a year ago with the ambitious goal of offering programming instructions to as many people as possible. Our program has been incredibly popular with US schools and colleges and today marks an important step forward as we expand internationally. We are proud to work with RMIT and many other institutions around the world that share our vision of empowering students with tools that can help them change the world.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO.

Everyone Can Program - Everyone Can Code

The initiative will take the course to institutions ?App Development with Swift Curriculum?, which relies on engineers and educators to teach programming and application design to students of all levels until they reach proficiency in the Swift language.

RMIT, Australia, offers vocational courses both on campus and online; she also plans to make scholarships available to school teachers who wish to learn programming and offer a free summer course on the RMIT City campus.

Some other institutions that will be part of this expansion are Mercantec (in Denmark), Hogeschool van Arnhem and Nijmegen (both in the Netherlands), the Unitec Institute of Technology (in New Zealand) and the University of Plymouth (in the United Kingdom).