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Apple shares rise for the fifth consecutive day and the company is now worth more than $ 900 billion

After five consecutive highs and records after records, Apple ended the day today worth nothing less than $ 904.87 billion (this, almost R $ 3 trillions).

The $ AAPL rose another 0.82% on Wednesday and is now quoted at a record high of $ 176.24 which coincided with the maximum reached during today's NASDAQ price.

Apple has just become the first publicly traded company to achieve a market cap of US $ 900 billion and is on its way to making history, reaching US $ 1 track, it is enough that its shares increase 10.5% more.

Alphabet ($ GOOG), holding which controls Google, today the second most valuable company in the world with $ 725.78 billion. After that comes Microsoft ($ MSFT), worth $ 652.35 billion.