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Apple and SAP announce first tool for building corporate apps, to be launched in March [atualizado: já disponível!]

Time flies: almost a year ago, we talked here about the partnership signed between Apple and the SAP, a company in addition to corporate software, and we highlight the efforts of Tim Cook and his gang in planting a growing presence in a market hitherto unexplored by Ma (the entrepreneur).

For the first fruits of this collaboration are beginning to see the light of day now: in this edition of the Mobile World Congress (MWC international technology fair), which is taking place this week in Barcelona, ??the German company announced a tool called SAP Cloud Platform SDK, for iOS, to be launched on March 30 next.

Apple and SAP

The tool, as expected, is designed to guide companies of all sizes around the world in the process of building their own applications for iOS applications that can take advantage of the entire extensive SAP platform in business management.

To give an extra mill to those most lost, a program called SAP Academy for iOS It will also be available, with classes, training videos and workshops to get the most out of the new SDK. The courses will be updated regularly, as Apple and SAP are adding new platform features and more possibilities are being established.

In this spirit, the first app created with the Cloud Platform SDK will also be made available on March 30: SAP Project Companion is a software to improve internal communication in companies, allowing employees around the world to establish contact and collaborate on projects directly from their iOS devices.

(via AppleInsider)

Update by Priscila Klopper · 03/31/2017 s 10:32

Delivering on its promise, Apple yesterday launched the SAP Cloud Platform SDK.

Apple and SAP are working together to make it easier than ever to reinvent business processes and workflows anywhere. With the new SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, you can create powerful native iOS applications that integrate seamlessly with SAP Cloud Platform.

SAP Cloud Platform SDK

The platform provides developers with a variety of tools to create iOS applications on a ?business level?. Using Apple's Swift programming language, the platform provides a collection of pre-built user interface components and a way to easily access various iPhone features in order to make the app development process faster.

For more detailed information, visit the official SAP page on the Apple website.

(via MacRumors)