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United States continues to postpone meeting with Huawei. Blocking is now suspended until May 15

The standoff between the United States and Huawei continues, with constant postponements over the final decision by the administration of Donald Trump on imposing sanctions and blockages on Chinese blacklisted companies. At the end of February 16, the US government granted an additional month and a half, until April 1, to prolong the suspension of the blockade, but the United States Department of Commerce extended Huawei's license until May 15. .

Reuters reports an impasse in a meeting between the top officials of the administration of Donald Trump with the direction of Huawei to definitively resolve the crisis. The meeting considered critical was postponed for the second time, after being scheduled for last Wednesday, March 11, after a first forecast for February 11. On the table would be a discussion of potential new restrictions on the sale of technology from Huawei and China, say sources close to Reuters. The United States intends to expand its authority to prevent the supply of products with American technology to Huawei.

The new license extension until May 15 (marking a year since the first imposition) allows American companies to continue to do business with Huawei. The postponements of a final resolution are related to the need for the US Department of Commerce to measure the impact and costs on companies and organizations that use Chinese manufacturer technology, when the license expires. "There are already enough problems with telephone services in rural communities. – we don?t want to bring them down, so one of the main purposes of temporary licenses is to allow them to continue operating, "said Wilbur Ross, the United States trade secretary at the time.

The most remote areas of the interior are the most affected by the absence of a license for Huawei to operate, used by rural operators, especially in 3G and 4G networks supported by Huawei equipment. So far, the government has issued legislation to reimburse telecoms with less than 2 million customers who change equipment from the Chinese manufacturer of their networks.

According to the document that makes the extension official, Huawei continues to operate on existing networks and equipment, supporting existing mobile services, including critical cybersecurity investigation to maintain the integrity of the services. License applications will continue to be reviewed under the assumption of denial.

Recall that Huawei was blacklisted in the United States in May 2019, preventing any sale of products and services by North American Chinese companies, now on hold until May 15.