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Team responsible for the Workflow automation application announces its purchase by Apple; app becomes free [atualizado]

For that (almost) no one expected: the famous application for automating tasks Workflow has just been bought by Ma. From what reported the TechCrunch, the negotiation was concluded today, but the values ??of the agreement were not revealed.

IOS Workflow App

The tool, somewhat competing with the IFTTT service, allows users to schedule tasks to be performed using pre-configured commands and simplify jobs that require many steps to complete. The Workflow was created in 2014 and, with its easy-to-use interface, soon gained a number of supporters in the iOS world, including gaining a very high recognition from Apple itself, with a Apple Design Award at WWDC 2015.

The team behind Workflow is already moving to Cupertino, and one of the team?s leaders, the formerjailbreaker iOS Ari Weinstein, stated:

We are very excited to join Apple. We have worked with Apple from the beginning, from the time we started our company as students attending WWDC, until the day we developed and launched Workflow and saw its impressive success on the App Store. We cannot wait to take our work to the next level at Apple and contribute to the development of products that touch people around the world.

Apparently, this is not one of those acquisitions that we have seen several times when a gigantic company buys a small / medium responsible for an interesting product and this product is gradually being abandoned until it ceases to exist. Apparently, Apple has every interest in continuing to develop Workflow and, who knows, perhaps making it even more powerful with exclusive interactions with iOS.

The first step of Ma's commitment to the continuity of the app has already taken place today: from now on, the app will become free on the App Store before, it cost $ 3. And if we're lucky, this is just the beginning.

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Update by Rafael Fischmann · 04/03/2017 s 17:32

Look, how cool: spontaneously, Apple is contacting users who bought Workflow on the App Store in the last few weeks, telling them to apply the purchase amount to their account balance or back to the payment method used (as a credit card).

If you are in this cake and (still?) Have not been contacted by Apple, it is worth contacting us requesting a refund. The company is usually quite fair in these cases, so if there is no abuse (like, someone who bought the app months ago asking for it), it will definitely accept.

(via MacRumors)