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Survey: almost half of iPhone owners are not particularly comfortable storing personal data on iCloud

Just this week, we already published four posts talking about digital security (yes, I went to tell you), which can give us a sign that the topic is more in vogue than ever in these times of Snowden, WikiLeaks and NSA (and now CIA also, apparently). In this technique, let us focus for a second on the device that probably holds the greatest amount of personal information about us today: smartphone.

The question of a million dollars here: do you trust him (and the services linked to him) to protect your data and information? Or, to rephrase when considering that we are on a site about the Apple world: you trust your iPhone and in iCloud?

These were the questions that Clutch, a business consulting firm in the IT area, made a sample of 1,001 Ma smartphone owners in the United States. And, guess what, the answers were not the most encouraging for Apple: apparently more than half of the respondents you don't have full confidence on the iPhone and the company's cloud service.

IPhone and iCloud reliability survey

The first question asked was more general, about what users think of the security of the iPhone itself. In this case, 41% of respondents said they saw Ma?s smartphone as a ?very safe? device, 35% declared to consider it ?reasonably safe?, 8% were in the ?slightly safe? option and s 2% stated that they did not see the iPhone as a safe device at all. Another 14% did not know how to answer the question.

IPhone and iCloud reliability survey

Things get a little more complicated for Cupertino when the focus of the conversation is iCloud. When asked if they were comfortable with entrusting their personal information to Apple's cloud service, almost half of respondents showed little or no sympathy with the subject: 24% said they didn?t feel ?at all comfortable? and 23% stated that they are ?slightly comfortable?. Others 27% of users stated that they feel ?reasonably comfortable? with leaving their data on iCloud, and only 17% they are ?very comfortable? and worry-free. 10% did not know how to answer.

IPhone and iCloud reliability survey

The firm was also concerned with separating the users interviewed who knew exactly the function of iCloud (72%) and those who have no idea what that means (28%) and then repeat the second question. Among the first group, the reliability of the cloud service was higher, with the majority of respondents (31%) claiming to feel ?reasonably comfortable? with their data in Ma's cloud. J in the less enlightened class, as expected, insecurity reigned: the majority (37%) of this group said that they do not feel ?at all comfortable? in trusting their data to iCloud.

IPhone and iCloud reliability survey

Finally, two revealing statistics: 34% of respondents were unable to answer exactly which iCloud features were enabled on their iPhones, while others 15% they didn?t know what types of data were automatically synchronized with the cloud.

They are numbers that show that Apple and other companies that have as part of their business to keep users' personal information still have a long way to go if they want to win the full trust of their consumers. And look, in the text presenting the research available on the Clutch website, an executive from the information technology area thinks that ?iOS is incredibly secure? compared to other mobile platforms.

, the thing is not good

(via Apple World Today)