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New Chrome look to be launched in September; get to know the news | Browsers

The launch of Chrome 69 is scheduled for September 4 by Google. This version of the browser will debut a new look and bring more functions to the desktop and mobile. The design of the program will be cleaner and with rounded corners, among other changes from the most recent update of Material Design. Much of the design changes are currently available on Chrome 68, but require manual activation.

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The update will also improve the automatic filling of passwords and improve notifications in Windows 10, in addition to further reducing the presence of Flash. See details about what's new in Chrome below.

Chrome 69 will release new design for everyone on PC and mobile Photo: Reproduo / Paulo AlvesChrome 69 will release new design for everyone on PC and mobile Photo: Reproduo / Paulo Alves

Chrome 69 will release new design for everyone on PC and mobile Photo: Reproduo / Paulo Alves

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Chrome gets more modern. What draws the most attention are the rounded corners on the address bar and on the tabs. In addition, the guides have more discreet separators, in addition to a new button to open a new flap in the left corner. There are also new click animations, with shadows inherited from Material Design on Android.

On the other hand, on mobile, The Verge points out that Chrome should reserve most of the changes for the iPhone (iOS). The main novelty is the transfer of the navigation bar to the footer, facilitating the usability of the browser on mobile phones with large screens.

On the computer, Chrome 69 will integrate with the Windows 10 notification system once and for all. With the change, browser alerts will now arrive in the Action Center of the operating system, the right panel where the Bluetooth shortcuts and airplane mode. The Google program also offers new navigation gestures with the touchpad on notebooks equipped with Windows 10.

Following the timetable for the gradual elimination of Flash, Chrome 69 promotes yet another measure to avoid using the plugin. With the new update, all permissions given to Adobe software will be revoked each time the browser is restarted. With this, the hope that it becomes more difficult for the user to access sites that require the technology to run videos and animations. A survey by Google points out that the number of users who open Flash sites every day has dropped to 8%. In 2014, the number was 80%.

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