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GPS + Cellular versions of the Apple Watch may, after all, be launched in Brazil [atualizado 5x]

Soon after the Apple Watch Series 3 was announced, we learn that your models GPS + Cellular (with 4G / LTE) would hardly come to Brazil. This is very bad since, in the new line, only the entry models (of aluminum) have versions only with GPS.

Well, time has passed, we followed the approvals of the Apple Watches Series 3 (GPS) first of the 42mm model, after the 38mm model and, a week ago, they were officially launched in Brazil.

But the story is not over yet. You should remember that, at the beginning of October, the MacMagazine discovered information on Apple's own website that opened the chance for GPS + Cellular models to come here.

Today, we have detected three new Apple Watches models approved by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel): A1972, A1958 and A1969. The big jump of the cat? In the Homologation Certificate of at least two of them, we clearly have information on the use of cellular frequencies not only in LTE technology, but also WCDMA, HSDPA and HSUPA:

Apple Watch GPS + Cellular homologation

Interestingly, none of these three models are listed on this Watch page on cell phones, not even in this Apple support article that helps you identify your watch model. That is, they may be variations of the Apple Watch Series 3 that have not yet been released in any country.

To complete with the cherry on the cake, today our reader Rodrigo De Paula got in touch informing that he heard from an Apple Brasil support representative that the Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) should be launched here with the iPhone X, on December 8th. To be?

While we wait for the next chapters to unfold, be sure to check out our full review of the Apple Watch Series 3.

Update Nov 27, 2017 at 11:50 am

Just to spice up the rumor a little more and, at the same time, throw a nice dose of confusion in the story, our reader Jonne Wilian noted that the approval of the model A1861 was also painted on Anatel's systems.

As the photos of the units evaluated by the Agency show (note that there are three versions: aluminum, stainless steel and ceramic), this is really a model GPS + Cellular in 42mm Apple Watch Series 3.

A confused? This is the version marketed in the United States, which does not have the band 7 (2,600MHz) used by most Brazilian 4G networks. Why the hell did Apple send this to Anatel to approve, we don?t know

Update II Nov 27, 2017 at 16:20

At the time we published this article, last Friday, the three unidentified models mentioned above were only with their Certificates of Homologations available in the Anatel system.

Now, we have access to photos of them themselves:


As you can see, these are actually foundations that Apple apparently uses to demonstrate Watches in its stores. But in all of them, again, you can see watches with the Digital Crown red there (models with GPS + Cellular).

Update III 11/28/2017 s 0:10

Things are looking up. The A1889 (38mm) and A1891 (42mm) models of the Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS + Cellular are already in the Anatel system, exactly the European versions, with support band 7 (2.600MHz), which Apple had mentioned in its website since the beginning of October.

Why she also endorsed the other American, however, remains unknown.

Update IV Nov 29, 2017 at 10:05 am

And yet another of these Apple Watch Series 3 display accessories has been approved by Anatel, identified by the A1957 model.

Update V 12/07/2017 s 13:50

It took a long time, but now the approval of the model A1860 that the Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) American, 38mm has been painted on the Anatel system.

It remains to be seen what will happen now: will it be released in Brazil tomorrow, next to the iPhone X? Or back to January, as we also hear about? And why did Anatel also approve these American models? Doubts