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DigiTimes: Apple will replace IPS displays for IGZO in its new products

Everyone should know the story of the boy who shouted "Lobo!", Right? The little brat lived trolling the people of the village, pretending that the flock of sheep was being chased by a hungry wolf, until one day he really I had a beast on my heels, but no one gave a shit about his screams. There is a good lesson to, and a lesson that the DigiTimes desperately needs to learn.

iPad with color image on its LED-lit LCD display

Yes, because after having a real existential crisis with Apple television (which should be released in the middle or at the end of 2012) and going crazy with an absurd story that the iPad 3 would be launched at Macworld, today he says that Ma will abandon IPS displays to adopt IGZO technology (acronym for ?oxide of indium, glio and zinc?), starting with the tablet and then spreading the change to all products. I wonder if anyone will believe that.

Oh, sure, but what would be a crazy rumor without a nice plan B? To maintain its ?credibility?, the DigiTimes conveniently complements the story by saying that the performance of the IGZO screen production lines is still a matter of concern, that is, if Apple continues to use IPS displays, due to manufacturing problems with the other technology, and not because this change was the result of someone's imagination ( Peter Misek, more specifically).

Regardless of whether this rumor is hot or not, the advantages that IGZO screens would bring are many: lower production cost, lower energy consumption, higher pixel density and more brightness. Sounds killer, but I recommend waiting around for something like that in a iProduct.

(via MacRumors)