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Congratulations, Macintosh, on your 28 years!

On January 24, 1984, Steve Jobs, a young man just 28 years old, unveiled the Macintosh to the world at the company's annual shareholder event that he, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne founded on April 1, 1976.

Original Macintosh

Before anything, stop and watch the video below:

Looking at it today, without knowing the history behind this computer, can give us the false impression that its launch was not so important. However, make no mistake: everything that exists around us today (from desktops to tablets and smartphones) was, in a way, influenced by the very first Mac.

If you think the iPhone is revolutionary and you were impressed by the excitement of the audience during its presentation, review the video above and tell me if it is not even bigger!

And it was through this commercial, directed by Ridley Scott and aired two days before its release, that the Macintosh took over the world:

Congratulations on your insanely greats 28 years old, Macintosh!

(via TUAW)