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Best Buy questionnaire provides alleged details about an Apple HDTV

Just to add more fuel to the fire over rumors regarding the arrival of an "iTV", Best Buy recently fired a questionnaire for some of its customers dealing directly with an Apple HDTV.

Here is the relevant screenshot, obtained by The Verge:

Best Buy iTV Questionnaire

The guys say a lot of what is expected: if it is really hot, this product will incorporate a good part of the resources that are present in the set-top box Apple TV, including the iOS operating system with iTunes Store access and iCloud, remote control via iPads and iPhones / iPods touch, streaming content from portals like Netflix, YouTube and Flickr, among others.

The ?novelty? is the possibility for users to download apps and games, as well as information about the presence of a curious built-in camera for two reasons: first, because Apple no longer uses the ?iSight? nomenclature; later, because Ma itself never promotes this by citing Skype, but FaceTime.

For Best Buy, the iTV will be 42 inches in Full HD 1080p resolution, costing $ 1,500 in the United States above the average price of today's modern TVs, the same size. To be?