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As predicted, retailers start pre-selling the iPhone X in Brazil [atualizado]

Apple had already confirmed that the iPhone X officially launched in Brazil on December 8, however, according to the MacMagazine said a few days earlier, today retail chains (and operators) have started pre-selling it.

The prices are those we know since the end of October: R $ 6,999.00 for the 64GB model (R $ 6,299.10, in cash payment) or R $ 7,799.00 for the 256GB (R $ 7,019.10, cash).

For those interested, the pre-sale of the iPhone X is already happening at Americanas, Submarino, Shoptime, Fast Shop, Pontofrio, Casas Bahia, Extra, iPlace and others.

Our full review of the iPhone X will come out, of course, until next week.

Update 12/01/2017 s 17:50

Operators such as TIM and Claro are also pre-selling the iPhone X. In them, as always, customers have progressive discounts depending on their postpaid plan.