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Vrus InvisiMole controls webcam, microphone and prints the screen; know | Antivirus

The InvisiMole virus is a spyware capable of taking control of the PC camera and microphone, taking screenshots without the user's authorization and, in addition, spending five years in activity without being discovered. It was detected by ESET security experts. According to the protection company, the malware has been in business all this time, as it is intended to spy on politicians, heads of state and top executives. The targets are so specific that, to date, only a few dozen machines have been infected with the pest in Russia and Ukraine.

In addition to these main functions, InvisiMole is able to collect information about the user's system, such as processes active on the computer in real time, Internet connection speed and even login data on wireless networks, in addition to login and password information. that may be stored on the computer.

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InvisiMole spies on authorities and diffcels detection by protection programs Photo: Pond5InvisiMole spies on authorities and diffects detection by protection programs Photo: Pond5

InvisiMole spies on authorities and diffcels detection by protection programs Photo: Pond5

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Defining the method of infection used by the virus is still difficult for ESET. However, there are some hypotheses, such as direct contact, when a criminal directly installs the virus on the machine; in addition to other common contamination vectors, which may have been used in the few identified cases. In at least one episode, InvisiMole was found as a dll file, added via Windows Explorer.

According to technicians, spyware has been around since at least 2013 and managed to escape detection because it has an extremely modular construction. This differential allowed criminals to easily make changes and improvements in order to escape the analysis made by security software.

Another factor responsible for the resilience of InvisiMole is a robust encryption system, applied by the malware to cover all of its traces which makes the task of verifying and tracking the Trojan even more difficult.

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