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Tip: how to check your iPhone's battery percentage directly from the macOS menu bar

If you usually use the feature Continuity (Continuity) between yours iPhone and yours Mac, you?re certainly used to checking your smartphone?s battery directly from the computer?s menu bar if the Instant Hotspot is active, it shows the status of the mobile device in the Wi-Fi preferences window, including a battery-level icon.

However, human nature always asks for more. We cannot be content with a simple icon that may be showing 56% or 57%. The exact numbers do not appear in this basic view, but we need the exact numbers!

Just kidding, sometimes it is really necessary to check the precise battery level of your iPhone at a distance, either because it is charging in another room (and it is never a good idea to leave a device in the socket after the battery reaches 100%) or because the device is in your last breaths and you are in need of that precious shared internet.

The fact : Yes, you can check the percentage of the iPhone battery directly on macOS, you know?

Checking iPhone battery percentage on Mac

To do this, simply click on the Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar with the key (Option) pressed on the keyboard. This causes various ?extra? information to be displayed about the network you are connected to and the iPhone providing the Instant Hotspot including your battery level in numerical percentage leaving the mouse up there. Incidentally, this is a great reminder of the wonders that bring you to your experience with macOS: almost everything that is clicked with the key pressed brings more information or possibilities, you can try the one on your side.

Obviously, the only prerequisite for the trick to work is that you have the Instant Hotspot activated on your iPhone and both iPhone and Mac devices are connected to the same iCloud account. Remember that some older devices do not support the feature, but if you have an iPhone 5 or higher and a Mac from 2012 onwards, in general, everything is fine on this page you can check details about this compatibility.

(via 9to5Mac)