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Tim Cook, "the underrated", reaches fifth place on the Recode 100 list

It is not new that Apple always appears in rankings not only as a company, but also with its products and executives. There are annual and popular lists that we always cover here at , many years ago.

And it seems that, at the end of 2017, in addition to Ma appearing in the routine rankings, she is on a list that has just been opened: a The Recode 100, a ranking of "people in technology and business that really created the biggest impact this year".

Our goal was to find the people who most devastated the leaders, movement initiators, engineers, negotiators and creatives in 2017 who were the most productive and innovative in the industries we cover mainly in technology, media and trade, but also some of our new areas of focus on transport, politics and robotics.

Tim Cook Recode 100

With the title "Tim Cook officially underestimated" that the Apple CEO appears in fifth place in that list. In fact, it is a very honorable position for those who analyze 100 personalities.

We who closely follow the world of technology, especially Apple, know that expectations about Apple are very high, and a lot of it due to the high standard that Steve Jobs managed to set. This pattern Cook needed to maintain and care for when he took the place of the late Apple CEO six years ago.

But according to the Recode, the ?Era Cook? is far from the failure that we hear a lot about in comments or forums: after sales fell in 2016, Apple recovered very well and now has won four consecutive quarters of good results, not counting with the expected iPhone X. With the new device, Ma is expected to reach $ 238 billion in sales in 2017 ($ 20 billion more than the previous year). And, if you think little, $ 20 billion was basically the company's full-year sales a decade ago, when the first iPhone was launched.

O Recode he also made a point of citing Cook's contributions in augmented reality, in the autonomous car project of which we do not have detailed information and also for his social positions, always promoting equality, immigration, education and the environment.

Tim Cook with

Above all, however, it was necessary to highlight the products that emerged under the responsibility of the CEO:

"But the iPhone was Steve's vision," you can say. And Tim's Apple?

The Apple Watch, the first major new product launched under the Cook era, has quietly become a huge success. AirPods are incredible and exciting. Together, they form a portable line that has many interesting applications, mainly in fitness and medicine.

Of course, not everything is just flowers: we also saw some problems such as the delay in launching the HomePod, ?shameful? software bugs and the admission that the Mac Pro needed to be rethought. But even after all that, Apple had a great year.

In the ranking, Cook was behind only four personalities: fourth, Mark Zuckerberg and the way he ?changed the way we read news?; third, the three people responsible for exposing Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment stories (Megan Twohey, Jodi Kantor and Ronan Farrow); second, we see the woman responsible for bringing up the toxic environment at Uber (Susan Fowler); and, first of all, Jeff Bezos and the way he ?prepared Amazon to dominate the next decade?.

via 9to5Mac