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The most popular Smart TVs, coffee makers and appliances on Zoom in February

Zoom Survey details the most sought-after smart TVs, coffee makers and appliances in the price comparator during the month of February

chances are you already know the zoom, the largest online retailer in Brazil. What you may not know, perhaps, that the site does a monthly survey of products most sought by consumers in various categories. The ranking, in addition to showing which devices have made success with public, allows anyone who has an eye on any of the items to know the bigger it's the lowest price registered for the item in online stores.

For the ranking of February 2020, Zoom listed Smart TVs, coffee makers and home appliances, considering the period between the days 01 and 29 of ms. In the following list, in addition to knowing the 10 models most searched in each segment, you also check a brief analysis on the top finishers.

Smart TVs: Samsung and LG in the lead

as-smart-tv-appliances-coffee-makers-most-sought-after-zoom-samsung-ru7100Who leads the ranking of Smart TVs from Zoom to Samsung Series 7 4K 50 ?

Whether to have another screen at home or because the old TV broke, the Brazilian is always buying Smart TVs. In February, the most sought after model continued to be Samsung Srie 7 4K 50 inches. The model, which is the most sought after already denotes a great cost-benefit, pleases to have much more expensive TV size and resources, as a resolution UltraHD (4K), support for HDR content, design to strip the TV cables and easy access to Netflix and YouTube.

In the second and third positions of Smart TVs, models from LG that were the most sought after in February. The second place, the LG ThinQ AI 32 ? (32LM625BPSB), has access to Netflix and supports HDR content, while 43 ? LG ThinQ AI (43LM6300PSB), occupying the third position, has the same functions, but higher and has FullHD resolution (1080p).

Check out the complete ranking of Smart TVs:

ModelLowest PriceHigher PriceVariation
1Smart TV LED TV 50? Samsung Srie 7 4K HDR NetflixUN50RU7100GXZD 3 HDMIR $ 1,879.99R $ 4,354.06132%
2Smart TV LED TV 32? LG ThinQ AI HDR Netflix32LM625BPSB 3 HDMIR $ 854.10R $ 1,461.0871%
3Smart TV LED TV 43? LG ThinQ AI Full HD HDR Netflix43LM6300PSB 3 HDMIR $ 1,329.05R $ 2,923.06120%
4Smart TV LED TV 55? Samsung Srie 7 4K HDR NetflixUN55RU7100GXZD 3 HDMIR $ 2,204.10R $ 5,390.74145%
5Smart TV LED TV 43? Samsung Srie 7 4K HDR NetflixUN43RU7100GXZD 3 HDMIR $ 1,439.10R $ 3,455.18140%
6Smart TV LED TV 50 ? Philco 4K Netflix PTV50F60SN 3 HDMIR $ 1,949.00R $ 2,590.5033%
732 ? Philco PTV32G50D 2 HDMI LED TVR $ 640.77R $ 1,191.9086%
8Smart TV LED TV 65? Samsung Srie 7 4K HDR NetflixUN65RU7100GXZD 3 HDMIR $ 3,589.20R $ 6,161.2372%
9Smart TV LED TV 43 ? LG ThinQ AI Full HD Netflix 43LM631C0SB 3 HDMIR $ 1,263.41R $ 3,899.90209%
10Smart TV LED TV 43 ? LG ThinQ AI Full HDHDR Netflix 43LK571C 2 HDMIR $ 1,499.00R $ 2,251.3150%

Appliances: air conditioning, refrigerator and more

as-smart-tvs-appliances-coffee-makers-most-sought-after-zoom-air-conditioningLG air conditioning is economical, powerful and integrates with virtual assistants

The second category that the zoom took into account for the February ranking were the electrical appliances. Quite broad, this segment includes searches for air conditioning, refrigerator, fire, microwave and washing machine.

Here, the first place was the air conditioning Split Hi Wall LG Dual Inverter Voice (S4-Q12JA31C), which besides having 12,000 BTUs (cold), supports Google Assistant and Alexa, from Amazon, which allows it to be controlled with voice commands via smartphone or other smart devices. According to Zoom product specialist Leonardo Oliveira, LG's air conditioning also silent It is very economical, that is, a huge deal.

The expert also pointed out that the Brastemp washer, the 4th placed in the search for household appliances, offers ease of use and great efficiency in washing. J o LG microwave, also in his words, a great model for those looking for good performance, energy efficiency and bold design.

Check out the complete ranking of appliances:

ModelLowest PriceHigher PriceVariation
1Air Conditioner Split Hi Wall LG Dual Inverter Voice 12000 BTUs Inverter Cold Remote Control S4-Q12JA31CR $ 1,761.31R $ 2,399.0036%
2Floor Fire Atlas 4 Burners Automatic Ignition Mnaco GlassR $ 339.43R $ 479.9041%
3Refrigerator Brastemp Frost Free Inverse 443 LitersInox BRE57AKR $ 3,059.25R $ 4,806.9057%
4 Washer Brastemp 12kg BWK12ABR $ 1,319.55R $ 1,929.3446%
5 LG EasyClean Microwave 30 Liter MH7053R RR $ 466.20R $ 579.0024%

Coffee makers: Dolce Gusto Mini follows me undefeated

as-smart-tv-appliances-coffee-makers-most-sought-after-zoom-coffee-maker-osterOster's Primalatte II coffee maker draws attention for its retro look

Versatile and compatible with the capsules of the line Nescaf Dolce Gusto, which makes her able to prepare coffee, tea and even chocolate, hot or at room temperature, it is worth mentioning, Arno Dolce Gusto Mini Mand followed unbeaten at the top of the ranking of Zoom coffee makers: the model was the most sought after throughout 2019 and the thing doesn?t seem to be different in 2020 sign that the public likes the device, right?

Despite having billed ?only? the second place, the coffee maker PrimaLatte II, by Oster (Image), draws attention for having a different approach: according to the product specialist at Zoom, the model is suitable for those who really like to prepare coffee, as it not only supports sachets and capsules Nespresso, floodgate standing coffee and even has a milk tank. The retr look also contributes to a more ?barista?When preparing drinks.

Check the complete ranking of coffee makers:

ModelLowest PriceHigher PriceVariation
1Arno Dolce Gusto Mini Me Espresso MachineR $ 241.20R $ 786.90226%
2 Oster PrimaLatte II Espresso Coffee MakerR $ 799.00R $ 1,299.9063%
3 Nespresso Inissia D40 Espresso MachineR $ 213.69R $ 684.90221%
4 Arno Dolce Gusto Lumio Espresso Coffee MakerR $ 289.04R $ 834.30189%
5 Espresso Maker Trs Coraes Pop PlusR $ 466.20R $ 462.10157%
6 Nespresso Essenza Mini C30 Espresso MachineR $ 255.55R $ 513.90101%
7 Espresso Coffee Maker Trs Coraes MimoR $ 249.76R $ 550.90121%
8 Electric Coffee Maker 30 Cups Britnia CP30 Inox TempR $ 113.90R $ 271.90139%
9 Electric Coffee Maker 36 Xcaras Oster BVSTDC4401R $ 166.41R $ 333.39100%
10 Electric Coffee Maker 15 Cups Britnia CP15 StainlessR $ 66.40R $ 140.22111%

Zoom Survey

Zoom is one of the largest search and price comparison sites in Brazilian retail.Zoom is one of the largest search and price comparison sites in Brazilian retail.

Zoom lists and compare prices of the products most sought by consumers on your website. In the survey of February 2020, considering the period between the days 01 and 29 month, the comparator used data from different Brazilian retail sites to account for the highest and lowest price found for each item, also calculating the variation between the values.

It is worth mentioning, however, that the lifting performed by Zoom, as well as the position in which the products are ranked, do not classify them as better or worse, aiming only to inform the consumer which products were the most wanted on the platform, first to dimo placed.

Source: zoom