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Rumor: Apple is close to acquiring Shazam Entertainment, the company responsible for the famous music recognition app [atualizado 2x]

O Shazam one of those apps that we don't need to present. It has been on the market for years and has always been the benchmark when it comes to music recognition on mobile devices now there is even an app available for macOS, see s. In total, Shazam has already been downloaded more than 1 billion times (the number referring to September 2016, so currently it should be even higher).

The company behind him has always been a partner of Apple. To give you an idea, music recognition by Siri, Ma?s virtual assistant, is done with the help of Shazam (even if you don?t have the app installed).

ShazamImage: Placeit

But Shazam has evolved and today is much more than a music discovery service, it is possible to recognize movies, series and even advertisements even with the help of augmented reality, based on photos that you take and send to the app to recognize. And Apple probably saw an opportunity as, according to the TechCrunch, Ma is very close to signing the acquisition of Shazam. The announcement, according to the website, will be made on Monday (11/12) if the plans do not change.

No one is sure yet the exact number of the transaction is a source of TC said that the values ??revolve around $ 400 million. What the website said, for sure, is that the amount is less than US $ 1 billion (financial evaluation that the company had after the last investment round, made in 2015).

Although it is a highly recognized company and seen by users as a resounding success, it is not so. In September 2017, Shazam revealed revenues of ?just? $ 54 million during fiscal 2016, which was positive if we consider that it had a loss in 2015 and 2016.

What will happen if the acquisition really takes place, no one knows. The fact that there is a lot of synergy between Apple's services and what Shazam does today, so it is quite possible that the team will start to incorporate such technologies into Ma's own apps / systems / services.

We will see if any new information appears until Monday, the supposed date of the announcement of the business.

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Update 12/08/2017 s 20:43

THE Bloomberg corroborated the story, giving basically the same details reported by the TechCrunch.

Update II 12/08/2017 s 22:43

THE Reuters it was one more that corroborated the news, citing an own source. It's heating up