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Recent updates on the App Store: Final Cut Pro suite, iMovie, Pastebot, Slack, Viber and more!

Below is a selection of some featured apps and / or games that were recently updated on App Store or on Mac App Store.

Today we have:


Final Cut Pro app icon

Ability to expand the width of the Inspector, better updating of old libraries, faster audio wave design, more color options in the Role Editor, bug fixes, among others.

Motion app icon


in Apple

Compatible with Macs

Version 5.4.5 (2.3 GB) Requires macOS 10.14.6 or superior

New filter to fill an entire layer, missing plugins better identified, color balance filter now more accurately represents medium tones, etc.

Compressor app icon


in Apple

Compatible with Macs

Version 4.4.6 (324.2 MB) Requires macOS 10.14.6 or superior

Command line options to monitor task status, new option dithering to add noise to images, improve the quality of watermarks, support for animated image sequences in PNG and GIF, and much more.

IMovie app icon


in Apple

Compatible with Macs

Version 10.1.14 (2.2 GB) Requires macOS 10.14.6 or superior

Fixes an issue that could add a red tint to videos imported from some cameras, addresses an issue that prevented some videos made on the iPhone from appearing in the import window, improves performance and stability.

Pastebot app icon

Improvements to the option of always pasting in plain text, sequential pasting now accepts duplicate items, among others.


Slack app icon

Redesigned date separators, faster loading process, various improvements and bug fixes.

Viber Messenger app icon

Watch YouTube videos in the chat, updated online status, bug fixes and performance improvements.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch app icon

Import Photoshop brushes, paint within the illustration, enhancements to Apple Pencil support, share Sketch projects, etc.

Adobe Spark Video app icon

Now supports native upload to Facebook.

Paper app icon

For subscribers Paper Patron, it is now possible to copy a selected region from one page and paste it on another. It also brings general bugfixes.

SwiftKey Keyboard app icon

3D Touch support for moving around what you are typing and improved automatic correction.

Google Analytics app icon

Insights Automatics are now easily accessible by reports and properly organized into new, read and saved.

Nike Training Club app icon

We've all been there. You establish a training plan, but your routine does not help. Now, that can change. Edit your preferences at any time, without having to start from scratch, create projections on yourself using our enhanced reference training experience and we've even done a general cleanup (ie bug fixes and additional improvements).

Banco do Brasil app icon

In this version we have improved the communication interface with you and include the possibility of financial consultancy.

Weather Line app icon

New adjustment cone, performance improvements, etc.

Photo Documents app icon

Now it is possible to save the photo automatically in the photo album, there were also some corrections to make the application even better.

PicPlayPost - Video Editor app icon

Export GIFs in high resolution, add an image as a watermark, general improvements and bug fixes.