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ProtonMail Bridge app allows the use of encrypted email service on clients like Outlook or Mail

In March last year, we talked about the ProtonMail, an interesting email service focused on security and privacy. Founded by engineers from CERN and MIT, and based in Switzerland, it is fully encrypted from end to end, which is excellent from the point of view of protection, but it brings some setbacks, for example, to using an account @ in a client of email on a computer or smartphone it would be necessary to give up encryption for everything to work correctly.

In the mobile world, the creators of the service solved the problem by creating ProtonMail apps for iOS and Android, but nothing like it had appeared for desktop operating systems. And the solution found by engineers for macOS and Windows does not appear much more ingenious.

I'm talking about ProtonMail Bridge, a small application offered to account users premium of the service and available for Macs and PCs. The big jump of the utility cat is that, instead of being another application that you need to use to see your emails in addition to the traditional Outlook (from Microsoft) or Mail (from Apple), it simply allows you to add your ProtonMail account to these clients, without giving up encryption and allowing messages received in the protected account to be copied or moved to other services without difficulty.

Bridge works, as the name implies, as a bridge. When you download the utility, you set up your ProtonMail account on it and on your favorite client and, from there, it acts as a gateway to and through which all emails received or sent by that account will pass before reaching the client wanted. Thus, the entire decryption process takes place locally, without compromising security.

The creators of the service stated that ProtonMail Bridge officially works with the Microsoft Outlook, O Mozilla Thunderbird or the Apple Mail; they add, however, that in initial tests the utility worked seamlessly with several other clients based on the IMAP protocol.

ProtonMail Bridge is available for macOS and Windows, with a Linux version promised for next year, and can be downloaded here. Security thanks you!

via MacRumors