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Orkut returned? Learn all about the 2020 version of the social network

Is Orkut back? Fans of the social network discovered an app on the Google Play Store, launched in 2020, with the same name, look and features of the social network. The application quickly became one of the most downloaded in Brazil.

AppGeek tells everything about the app, which is making the nostalgic excited. See what the features are, how to create an account and find out if it belongs to Google or not.

Orkut returned? What is Orkut 2020?

The Orkut app available on Google Play, in reality, a tribute made by a fan of the extinct social network. The creator of the application, officially called, explains that he is developing the platform from scratch, with the same tools and design as the original.

As it has no link with the original Orkut, which belongs to Google, the new version does not guarantee access to old user accounts. To have access to all resources, it is necessary to create a new account.

It may seem disappointing that the app is unofficial and thus unable to recover data and friendships. However, the program is a faithful copy of the site that was so successful in the 2000s. Both in terms of visuals and functionalities.

How to create an account on Orkut?


Are you excited to relive the experience of having an account on the new Orkut? To do this, simply download the app, available for Android, and tap I declare that I have read and understood the text above. On the next screen, go to Login j to create your user.

You will have to enter data such as email, password and date of birth. You must also say your name, gender and country. Confirm everything right, you can create my account. Ready, now, just login using the email and password used.

What features are in Orkut 2020?

As the app developer himself explains, his goal is to recreate the social network with all its specifics.

This means that being able to participate in communities, send scraps and receive testimonials, as well as evaluate your friends as cool, sexy and trustworthy. You can also see who visited your profile and check your luck for the day.

1. Visual

Orkut returned?

The most nostalgic will be excited when they log in to the app and are faced with the same interface that they both accessed in the early 2000s. The classic light blue background with the pink Orkut logo in the upper left corner is there.

The greeting Welcome to)followed by the user?s name as well. Below are options for scraps, photos, fans and videos. Because it was developed for small screens, friends appear at the bottom and not in the right corner, but nothing that spoils the magic of feeling like you're using Orkut again.

2. Communities


Orkut 2020 does not disappoint when it comes to beloved communities. Discussion groups are divided into categories, such as Arts & Entertainment, Games, Music, People and among others.

You can search for a community or explore the categories. As in the old version, users can create and respond to topics in the forum.

Several communities that have been successful in the past have been recreated, such as the popular I hate waking up early. The page already has more than 20 thousand members. However, this is an exception.

Most groups still have few members. But with the popularity of the new Orkut, the trend is that these numbers will grow soon.

3. Testimonials


"Do not accept!". The classic phrase was quite common in the statements, also known as testimonials. As Orkut did not have a private message feature, this was how network users talked about content that should not be public.

The original idea of ??the function, however, was to leave messages and tributes for his friends. And when he accepted, the content was published on his page and could be seen by everyone who accessed it.

The new Orkut also allows for the exchange of testimonials, something that has been lost on modern social networks. After all, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram do not have a space dedicated to making dedications to friends when on their birthday.

4. Scraps

Scraps were a kind of public private message. It looks confusing, but that was exactly it. A friend came into your profile to send you a message. This content was not published in a feed, but anyone who accessed your scrapbook could see it.

To escape the curious, it became a trend among users to exclude the scraps received after they read and responded. The Orkut 2020 app, of course, has the feature.

But the reality is that hardly in times of WhatsApp users will publish content, say, sensitive in this mural that can be seen by everyone.

5. Luck of the day

Did you think that the encouraging phrase you would say had been forgotten? Nothing like that. At the top of the app's home page, the user is faced with the mysterious sentence that seeks to advise users.

Your principles are worth more to you than money or success. That one. In the late 2000s, there were those who did not leave their homes without seeing the luck dictated by Orkut.

6. Win fans

Nowadays, the number of followers on Instagram or subscriptions on the YouTube channel is what makes us proud. But, a few years ago, it was the number of fans that left the Orkut user flattered.

Friends could declare themselves as their fans, as a way of showing admiration. This number was displayed just at the top of the user's profile page.

On the platform, the fan had no benefit in relation to friends in the fans. Like, for example, receiving an alert if the person received a scrap, testimony or made any publication. It was really just a way, as they say today, to give a cookie to their friend.

7. Sexy, cool or reliable?


It seems that Orkut was really the social network to make the other feel prestigious. In addition to testimonials and fans, users could also be classified as sexy, cool or trustworthy.

In that case, the person did not know who was evaluating him, but he could see how many percent was considered one of those qualities. The feature is also available in the app, to the delight of the nostalgic.

8. Who visits your profile


Orkut updated daily the list of the last people who had visited your profile. As no action was published in a public feed, it meant that she had specifically entered your page to view your scraps, testimonials or photos.

Often, the resource was used as a way of showing interest in someone. So, a few visits could cause dawn. The more reserved, who did not want to expose themselves, deactivated the function.

Since today's social networks do not offer this tool, the old-fashioned flirting can be done in the new Orkut app.

App under development is among the most downloaded from Google Play, but it seems that it is not yet finalized. The alert given, even, in the welcome text to the application. If any feature does not work, stay calm, is under development, explains the developer.

Due to the application's popularity and, consequently, the high number of accesses, in March 2020, the program was quite slow.

Therefore, it may be necessary to be a little patient and wait for improvements to be implemented soon.

Will Orkut come back?

Orkut was shut down in 2014 by Google and there is no indication that it will officially return. In 2016, the creator of the network, the programmer Orkut Buyukkokten, announced the launch of the app hello.

The new social network left Orkut fans full of hope. Despite a series of similarities, such as the communities and user profile with the evaluation of friends, the novelty did not have much support. And a social platform without friends can end up not making much sense.


Aware of the expectation that the application could cause, the description of the app has a message for the most anxious. We know you loved orkut! Think of hello as the next evolution of but don't expect it to be the same, he clarifies.

If you're curious, you can download hello on both Android and iPhone devices.

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