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Microsoft's “hidden” migration wizard is a useful little tool for Mac users

If the fly of responsibility has not yet flown over your mind and you have not yet passed all your files on to some cloud service (or you will see, you are not willing to pay R $ 35 / month and your soul to Google for 1TB of storage will not judge), a procedure (or should be, at least) common in your life: the backup.

The problem is that saving your files periodically is either a very annoying process (if you do it manually) or susceptible to errors (if you use any automated solution). But what if I tell you that a technology giant has a utility whose main function doesn't even have much to do with it, but it lends itself perfectly to this purpose?

Mac to Surface Assistant

I explain: a few weeks ago, the Microsoft ?Launched? a little program called Mac to Surface Assistant. The ?lanou? is in quotes because, in truth, no one has bothered to announce the existence of the assistant; was a Twitter user who posted a link to download it. This same link stopped working a few days later, signaling that perhaps the Redmond giant had published the utility ahead of time and intended to make an official presentation. Another downloadable page, however, was recently discovered and the program has been available for use since then, without any pomp or circumstance.

Existential doubts aside, the fact that the application, as its name already says, is primarily intended to be a migration assistant from Mac to Surface probably for that ever-increasing number of users making their way to "Big" computers M ?, according to the company itself, but it serves perfectly as a lightweight and easy to use backup tool.


When you open the wizard, a screen with Mac folders and photo library appears, and an option to select which ones to save. Below, the program already tells you what will be the size of the resulting file according to the selected options. Then, it automatically creates a .zip file with all files properly saved if you are actually migrating to a Surface, it is possible to import this file into a utility on your new machine and everything will be put in place automatically.

Even if you don't have and never intend to have a Surface, however, the simple possibility of quickly marking the folders you want to include in the backup and having in a few seconds / minutes a file with all your data saved without major complications is already a good hand on the wheel. Nothing that cannot be done manually, of course, but in these times, every second saved is a second gain for more productive things.

Mac to Surface Assistant can be downloaded from this link (DMG). Just for reflection: how long has it been since Apple has produced such a simple and elegant piece of software as this, huh?

(via iDownloadBlog)