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Launch of the iPhone X in Brazil occurs, as expected, quiet and without queues

One day after we published our full review, the iPhone X today officially landed on Brazil. He has been on pre-order since last Friday.

At the Apple online store, all models and colors are now shipping within five working days. The silicone, leather covers and Folio are already on sale, most of them, shipped in just one business day.

In the two physical stores of Apple, in So Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, we had a day with strong movement, but that is their standard. No queues or confused to buy, after all, we are talking about smartphones that cost ~ R $ 7K.

The reader Beatriz Pawel sent us pictures of Apple Morumbi, early in the afternoon:

See that there is even a cart with bottles of water and apples, standard in launches like this.

On YouTube, Apple Brazil has also posted localized versions of three iPhone X promotional videos:

And who bought it? ?