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Italian university launches Android app development course in Swift language

Shortly after Apple opened the Swift (as promised at WWDC 2015, when version 2 of it was released), information emerged that Google is considering making it the primary programming language for Android.

While this still remains in the field of rumors, something very interesting was launched this week by an Italian university: a course for developing Android apps in Swift!

Unlike many similar courses (such as those of our partner Alura), this is not intended for beginners. To participate, knowledge of Swift itself is required, as well as of Java, C # and Objective-C. There are only 24 hours in total, divided into 3 days for 600 euros (about R $ 2,000). Swift University is in the city of Milo.

Most interesting, for those who venture into this, it is very easy to port apps from iOS to Android. It is also a good time to join the Swift wave, considering that it is already among the most used programming languages ??in the world.

(via MacRumors)