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iPhones continue to dominate the ranking of most used cameras on Flickr

Gone is the time when the Flickr it was synonymous with online photo repository. Today, without a doubt, the name that first comes to people's minds when it comes to that ?Instagram?.

But yes, Flickr continues to be loved and used by many around the world. And, as usual, today it published its ranking of most used cameras in 2017 again with the iPhone dominating the whole dolly.

Flickr ranking in 2017

Of all the camera brands on the planet, Apple dominated with 54% of all photos uploaded to Flickr this year, followed by Canon (23%) and Nikon (18%).

According to Flickr, nine of the ten most popular cameras on the entire site are iPhones starting with 6, 6s and 5s. The only outside force that guaranteed a place there in Top 10 was Canon, with the EOS 5D Mark III ninth.

Flickr ranking in 2017

In this other graph, we see the distribution by types of devices. From 2016 to 2017, smartphones grew from 48% to 50%, DSLRs went from 25% to 33%, cameras point-and-shoot (point-and-shoot) dropped from 21% to 12% and mirrorless remained at 4% (for the third consecutive year).

For those interested, Flickr also made another post with the main photos published in 2017.

via MacRumors