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iPhone still dominates global smartphone sales, when we separate model by model

In the smartphone game of thrones, there is a clear and indisputable winner: the Google. After all, if the Android emerges as the champion in gross quantity of devices in which it is installed, of course the Mountain View giant is the one that has more reason to celebrate, since its business model can be briefly described as ?the more people using it, the more money? ( and, mind you, I don?t say this with disdain just the way they operate).

However, there are other metrics by which we can analyze the world of mobile devices. We often see the Apple dispute with Samsung the most popular manufacturer rank in the world, but what if we separate the performance of each smartphone model? exactly what did the Counterpoint Research in a survey of global handset sales last October.

Even in a month when iPhones sales could suffer a little as the iPhone X it was due to be launched only at the beginning of the following month. Consequently, a portion of consumers waited for the arrival of the new device, Ma's two newest devices conquered the largest global market shares with some slack. O iPhone 8 represented 4.6% of all smartphones sold in the month, while its largest brother, the iPhone 8 Plus, took a 4% slice.

Best-selling smartphones in October 2017, Counterpoint Research

Then there are two models from the archrival Samsung (the Note 8 it's the S8 Plus), with 2.4% and 1.5% respectively, and two more from Apple: the iPhone 7 and, amazingly, the iPhone 6, which is still extremely popular especially in emerging markets, both with 1.2%. O Top 10 further includes a model from Samsung, one from Vivo, one from Xiaomi and one from Oppo; all probably driven by popularity in China.

Of course, of course: in the general perspective of the market, Android still dominates with ease. And we should also consider that until the iPhone is expected to dominate this type of research now, after all, while the little green robot is spread across a multitude of devices, iOS focuses on a few iPhone models and therefore these must stand out in an individualized perspective.

Still, an analysis in this direction can serve to remind us that perhaps it was never Apple's intention to dominate the market. As in the world of computers 10-20 years ago, the most important thing is to strengthen your ecosystem and make it attractive enough to your existing customers (many of whom are extremely loyal) and possible new customers. So, maybe things are not going so bad even though Ma?s ecosystem faces so much criticism.

Let's see, now, what will be in the coming months

via Cult of Mac