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Institute places Apple as the second best-run company in the United States, behind Amazon only

What a well-run company? A multitude of factors can be employed to analyze this, but according to one of the pioneers of Management Theory, Peter Drucker, it is necessary to explore, in a holistic way, five aspects of each company: consumer satisfaction, innovation, social responsability, employee development and engagement and financial performance.

with this logic that the Drucker Institute institution founded in 2007 to advance the ideals of the writer, who died in 2005 today launched its first ranking of the 250 best managed companies in the United States.

In it, the Apple won 2nd place, with 88.4 points out of 100 possible; your front came to Amazon, with 89 points, and in 3 place we have the Alphabet with 86.7 points. Other technology companies at the top of the list include IBM (5 place), Microsoft (7), Cisco (9 and Nvidia (10).

USA's Best-Run Companies, Drucker Institute, 2017

The list above shows the score for each company in the Top 10 in the analyzed aspects, although the final score is not directly linked to these criteria after all, as you can see, Amazon won a total of 20 stars out of 25 possible (going very badly in the area of ??social responsibility), while Apple was left with 22 and Alphabet got 23.

The institute studied 608 companies in the USA and used data from a number of analysis firms, as well as figures released by the companies and patents published by them.

via Cult of Mac