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Instagram now allows users to send ephemeral photos and videos via Direct

O Instagram no stop! After implementing some new features like live streams and publishing up to ten photos / videos at once, it's time to improve the Direct.

As announced on the official blog of the social network, ephemeral photos and videos will now be displayed alongside the text of messages and publications shared on Direct, facilitating the flow of the conversation on the same topic.

To do this, when opening the app, just swipe from right to left and you will have access to the Direct. When you do this, you will see a new blue camera icon at the bottom through which you can send a photo or a video that will disappear once opened. You can also tap the blue camera icon in an existing conversation to respond quickly.

Whenever you receive new temporary messages, they will be highlighted in blue in your inbox. It is possible to reproduce the content again only once; the sender will be notified if you replay or take a screenshot of the message.

Also according to Instagram, since the last update of Direct, in November 2016, the number of people using the resource increased from 300 to 375 million! The novelty is available in version 10.16 of Instagram, both for iOS and Android.

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(via 9to5Mac)