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Hacked Spotify? How to discover and recover a hacked account | Audio and Video

Hacked Spotify can be a problem faced by users of the service. Therefore, I need to watch out for some signs that may indicate that your account has been hacked. Despite providing only online music, the user's profile stores payment data that can be stolen by criminals, and can serve as access to more sensitive information contained in platforms synchronized with streaming, such as Facebook, for example. Check out how to find out if your Spotify has been hacked and what to do to recover a hacked account.

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How to put Spotify music on Instagram

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How to find out if a Spotify account has been hacked?

Some behaviors may report that your account has been hacked. The strongest signs can be noticed when you try to access your account and fail, in cases where your password no longer works or the email address associated with the profile has been changed. Also check to see if there are changes to your subscription or plan that you have hired, and that someone else's Facebook account has been linked to your Spotify account. Generally, Spotify sends emails informing you of these changes to your account, but you need to be alert to these signals.

You can also watch your personal library to see if unknown playlists have been added, if your favorite playlists have disappeared, or if songs you don't know have been played recently without your knowledge. Since Spotify accounts are individual, changes in this direction may indicate that someone other than you is using your profile.

The player has a feature that informs the exact device on which the current track is currently being played, showing whether a PC browser or application for a given mobile device. Spotify says that in some cases, strange devices that are nearby may appear in this section, but will not have access to your account. However, if the music is suddenly interrupted and you see that other tracks are being played on unknown devices, it is best to take precautions and take some safety measures.

Spotify shows devices where music is currently playing Photo: Reproduo / Rodrigo FernandesSpotify shows devices where music is currently playing Photo: Reproduo / Rodrigo Fernandes

Spotify shows devices where music is currently playing Photo: Reproduo / Rodrigo Fernandes

What to do if the account is hacked?

The first step below is to reset your password. To do this, go to ( and enter your email or username. You will receive a link in your email to create the new password. Spotify recommends that you use an anonymous browser tab to perform this procedure, in addition to choosing a new strong password that has never been used.

To ensure greater security, access your account ( and select the Exit all devices option. Thus, if your profile has actually been hacked, criminals will no longer be able to take advantage of your account.

Resetting a Spotify password Photo: Reproduo / Rodrigo FernandesResetting a Spotify password Photo: Reproduo / Rodrigo Fernandes

Resetting a Spotify password Photo: Reproduo / Rodrigo Fernandes

Finally, Spotify asks you to fill out a form to report the breach so that the company can take steps to protect your account. To do this, access the Spotify contact form (, go to the Login tab, select the option Someone broke into my account and click I still need help. It is necessary to attach a proof of payment for the plan subscription.

Spotify ensures that the platform is completely secure, but security layer failures in other linked services can happen. According to a survey conducted by cybersecurity company Dynarisk, hackers use streaming services as a bridge to gain access to other user platforms that will yield you more advantageous data. According to the study, Spotify is the third preferred platform for criminals for this type of crime, behind Riot Games and Netflix.

Using the same password on different platforms can open the gap for criminals to discover your code and gain access to streaming for this purpose. Therefore, it is recommended to create a strong and different password for each type of service.

The best way to create an extensive and different password for each type of online service you use, in addition to changing it frequently. Avoid accessing suspicious emails received on behalf of Spotify by asking you to provide login, payment, subscription data or download a file. If you receive a suspicious email, forward the message to and delete the conversation from your inbox. The company also states that it does not request that payment be made by third-party apps. Therefore, just purchase the subscription through the official streaming channels.