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Google Maps for iOS gains “timeline” feature and integration with iMessage, but mysteriously loses app for Apple Watch

The only map service that matters (sorry, Apple Maps, but true) has received a very interesting update on its application for Ma's mobile system. Google Maps for iOS version 4.30.0 arrives with some news that will save time and bring new information to the zillions of users of the service around the world but also removes a crucial aspect if you have the habit of checking directions on your wrist.

Google Maps app icon - traffic & food

Among the main news in the update, the application now brings the feature "Timeline", which has been available on Google Maps for the web and Android for almost two years. It does exactly what its name says: if you have your location enabled for the app, you can recall your steps on a specific day in your history, remembering places you have been and things you have done. For my part, I love the feature, but it is admittedly curious and frightening in equal parts.

Another interesting addition to the widget Routes, which adds an easy way to view your turn-by-turn navigation that Apple Maps probably doesn't offer in your area. To activate the widget, simply access the ?Edit? button in the ?Today? area of ??your Notification Center and activate the Routes from, every time you start a navigation on Google Maps, the instructions will be available even on the locked screen . Easy, isn't it?

Finally, the update brings an integration with iMessage which makes Ma's messenger look like WhatsApp in the sense that you can send your static location to a contact with the Google service.

As for the intriguing part: for some reason so far not explained, the update disappeared with the Google Maps app for Apple Watch. No one knows the reason for the withdrawal, but it is undeniably a blow to the owners of the Apple Watch who like to navigate directly from their wrists. one of its greatest uses would be to guide me on the streets of the cities during my walks, so the summit sounds very strange to me.

Let's wait for a word from Google and withdrawal we may be talking about an abandonment of the development of the app as an error in this specific version that can be fixed soon. Anyway, the new version of Google Maps is already available for free on the App Store.

(via AppleInsider)