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Easily convert values ​​right from your wrist with the Elk app, for iPhone and Apple Watch

The maxim repeated by all longtime travelers says: who converts to have fun. I tend to agree; however, if it is necessary to convert values ??while you are traveling, it is good to do this in the easiest and least time possible otherwise, you may end up, like me, paying R $ 65.63 for a hot mixed up beast Croque Monsieur in Paris (long story, don't ask). Not cool.

Therefore, for those quick conversations that will not take your attention away from the beautiful view that unfolds in front of you, the app Elk a great companion and even more so if you have an Apple Watch on your wrist.

Elk - Currency Converter app icon

Elk's proposal is not really a high-precision converter, it doesn't even offer the possibility of entering a specific value for the conversion to be shown. The idea behind the app is to offer just an instant solution so that travelers have an idea of ??how much it costs well in their home currency.

On the iPhone, this translates into a minimalist interface, based on a list of values ??in your currency and their respective conversion into the desired currency. Swiping your finger left or right, adding a zero to your currency values. By clicking on each one, you can expand the list to get a more accurate idea of ??a specific conversion. On Apple Watch, the thing is as simple as: you can interact with the numbers by sliding your finger, as on the iPhone, or by rotating the Digital Crown.

Despite the simplicity, Elk brings some features that we don't usually see in currency converters; It is possible, for example, to set up a personalized conversion rate, which is especially useful when we are going to buy dollars / euros / any currencies in a currency exchange, since the commercial rates are always higher than the official one. Rates, incidentally, are obtained from the CurrencyLayer and updated hourly.

Elk is available for free on the App Store, but to unlock all its features, you need to make a In-App Purchase $ 4 to buy the Elk Pro. Without it, only conversions of some of the most popular currencies are available, the real is included and it is not possible to configure custom rates. Fortunately, the developers include an option to try the Elk Pro for two weeks for free, so you can explore its features without fear before purchasing the utility.

(via MacStories)