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Chinese clothing brand sues Apple claiming new App Store logo is a copy

Proceedings judging an alleged intellectual property theft involving Apple and a Chinese company are older and more common than moving forward, but we usually see Ma on the indictment bench and not on the rus, which is the case today.

The Chinese clothing brand Kon, founded in 2009, filed a lawsuit against Apple stating that the Cupertino giant stole its logo with the debut of the new App Store as is well known, iOS 11 brought a completely renovated app store with a new, more abstract and minimalist cone. The problem that the two brands, App Store and Kon, really look alike. Take a look:

Similarity between the App Store cone and the logo of the Chinese clothing brand Kon

Aside from the differences in color and approach (the Kon logo is made up only of straight lines and hard surfaces, while Apple has adopted a more curvaceous and shadowy look), there is no doubt that there is quite a similarity here. Kon claims that the triangle of its brand represents the ?bones of a skeleton that symbolize the power over death? which makes no sense, but not the pseudophilosophy that is at stake here, right?

To be judged by the Beijing Court in the coming weeks, based on Chinese copyright law. Kon demands that Apple make a public retraction for the alleged copy and pay the damages brought by the action, but we will have to wait to see the end of this story.

What do you think? Was it a hard copy, inspiration just above acceptable, or a mere coincidence? Leave your guesses below.

via Apple World Today