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Apple officially opens its App Accelerator in Bangalore, India

Almost a year after Tim Cook announced, Apple officially opened its App Accelerator for iOS, watchOS, tvOS and macOS on Bengalore, at ndia. The official page was released by Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing.

In May 2016, when Cook visited the country and announced the new unit, he praised the creativity of the Indians, as well as the development potential that the company sees in the country, which he called ?the next China?. Now, joining the cooker, Schiller also commented on the new accelerator:

We are impressed by the great entrepreneurial spirit in India and are excited to provide a platform for these developers to share their innovations with customers around the world. In the first few weeks, we have already seen some amazing developers here at the App Accelerator in Bangalore, including Practo and Reliance Games, who have created innovative applications to meet the needs of customers in India and around the world.

Practo CEO Shashank ND said that "the accelerator has really helped us to take advantage of iOS technologies in order to digitize and improve the health system of millions of customers in India".

India App Accelerator

Apple's relationship with the country has been increasingly narrowed. In addition to the accelerator, several rumors suggest that iPhones will also be manufactured in Bangalore and, in other parts of the country, the company spreads a technological center, an office for map development and also a laboratory for Macs. And certainly, the thing will not stop there.

(via Patently Apple)