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Apple Launches Turi Create Framework on GitHub for Developers to Easily Create Machine Learning Models

The purchase of Turi by Apple, about a year and a half ago, turned out to be Ma's big move in its bet on a future in which machine learning will be one of the most important elements of any electronic device or operating system. A few months after the acquisition, startup it became the artificial intelligence division in Cupertino and has been making several interesting advances in the area.

A few days ago, Apple published on GitHub a new framework, called Turi Create, aimed at developers who want to have a first contact with the company's machine learning technologies and can build test models easily, quickly and flexibly. The creations can be exported to the Core ML format and inserted in applications for macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS.

With Turi Create, developers will be able to add features such as recommendations, object detection and recognition, classification and similarity of images and others to their applications. Apple itself included, in the project documentation, an example of a tool created with framework, with just a few lines of code, which is able to identify objects. See s:

Turi Create

As Turi Create's focus is on tasks, rather than algorithms, even unfamiliar developers of machine learning will be able to get in touch with technology, which is so great for the huge community of app producers like Apple itself, which v its initiative to gain space in the world of technology.

Good idea, right?

via MacRumors