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Apple donates $ 1 million to help Californian cities hit by forest fires

THE California has been suffering for a few months with a fire that just doesn't end.

In October, when the MM Tour VI took place, we saw a little bit of the problem that the state is past (airport being closed momentarily due to smoke, a burning smell taking over parts of some cities, etc.) and that to some good ones kilometers of the problem. The strong winds do not help and the work there is very, very complicated.

The videos below give us an idea of ??the size of the problem:

Apple, as it usually does, is helping.

Apple is donating $ 1 million to help with fire aid in Southern California #LAFires

Here is the statement given by the company:

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the fires in Southern California, including our colleagues, friends and their families. Apple is donating $ 1 million to aid efforts to rebuild and restore affected communities.

She recently made donations to combat the damage and help those affected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma, as well as those who suffered from the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that hit Mexico.

via 9to5Mac