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After two years, American Amazon resumes selling Apple TVs (and Chromecasts)

It's good when a story has a happy ending, isn't it?

For more than two years, the Amazon the largest virtual store in the world, remember that it stopped selling Apple TVs and devices Chromecast, Of google. The alleged reason was simple: the two devices did not offer access to the streaming company, the Prime Video, and for that reason the retailer's consumers could be ?frustrated?, returning the pets.

Obviously, this was the official justification and, said the languages, the decision was motivated by fear of competition. But who am I to judge, anyway?

Anyway, the fact that everything turned out well. THE CNET stated that Amazon will finally re-sell the set-top boxes from Apple and the gadgets from Google. There are already, on the American website of the retailer, pages with the models of Fourth generation Apple TV and the Apple TV 4K, as well as Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra. Sales have not yet officially started, but are expected to begin at any time.

The decision certainly has to do with the fact that Apple and Amazon reached an agreement and Prime Video finally reached Ma's black box (including the third generation!), Although, on Google's side, things remain the same Chromecast does not yet have a native service app streaming, and the only way to watch Amazon content on your device using Google Chrome or Android screen mirroring.

At the end of the day, all parties just have to celebrate Amazon so much, for having their service available on more device options and for seeing their store again more complete, like Apple and Google for having their products sold again in one of most popular channels on the planet.

via 9to5Mac