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2018 will begin with a new Apple Watch challenge

Thanksgiving Day, Veterans Day, Mother's Day, Ma's challenges to the Apple Watch they have already become a tradition among users of the watch.

And just as it did earlier this year, 2018 also start with a new challenge something positive for both those who like to collect these achievements and for those who have not yet joined in the fun, after all never too late to start. ?

At the New Year's Challenge, users will have to complete the three circles of the Activity app, every day, for a week (from Monday to Sunday) in January. By doing this, in addition to the achievement, the person will also earn special stickers to use in the Messages application.

Apple Watch Prspero New Year Challenge (2018)

Notification of achievement on the Activity app will be visible from midnight on December 28th. Apparently, according to the 9to5Mac, users will have until January 25 to complete the three Activity calculations for seven consecutive days.

Who will face? ??