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You are a student? Then check out our app comparison to get organized at school / college!

No matter what your age or your strength of will, organizing your studies is always a laborious task. Whether in high school, taking a pre-university course, entering a college or leaving it, there is no one who can juggle mentally to remember exactly what classes you have each day, which teacher in each one, what are the tasks , the tests, the works, the seminars and so much other information. And although you can remember everything, a little organization is never too much; we have to spare our minds.

To organize your life in general, there are those who prefer to use calendar apps like the native iOS / macOS, Google Calendar, Fantastical, among others. Just as there are those who organize themselves with applications / task managers in this case, I suggest you check out the other comparison we made, only with the infamous all. There are also those who organize all school supplies in note-taking apps for these, too, we have already made a comparison here on MacMagazine.

There is no problem in using them, but it is certain that, when the subject is studied, there are several more specific information that we may want to keep for reference whenever we need it. Therefore, we have now put together some applications that aim to make the student's life easier by organizing the subjects, schedules and tasks (assignments, readings, etc.).

We?ll review some aspects of the following applications: iStudiez, My Study Life, myHomework, Pocket Schedule and The Dog Ate It.

Design and interface

As many say, "the first impression that remains". I don't know for you, but something that makes my adaptation to an application a lot easier is its aesthetics and the way the options are arranged; the easier and more practical the better.

First, the language. Nothing happens if we don't understand what's in the app. Unfortunately, of the five we compared, only the iStudiez has the option of portuguese, and this only with its version "Pro". As simple as the app is, the language can be a discouraging factor, which makes the person soon give up to continue using it. Those who understand English will have no problems, but we need to take this into account. So a point for iStudiez. And for the developers of the other apps, I'm studying translation, okay? S warning. ?

The appearance of everyone is very pleasant, but since it varies a lot according to the taste of each one, we will even analyze the functional part of each app according to its intuitiveness.

The dispute was fierce, but who led was the My Study Life. Although the menu is in the upper corner (as characteristic of Android apps), it reveals all the possible options that a student would like to access, very easily. It's cool, but there is one thing that really makes it stand out: the "Dashboard", where you can check and add tasks, tests or classes right from the home screen. Another great possibility is to access, edit and add anything on all screens in the app; that is, even if you are just viewing the story in the calendar, when you tap it, you can view / edit both the story and the activities related to it (it is not necessary, for example, to go to the task screen to do this).

Second, we have the myHomework, whose menu is also similar to an Android app, but has a very good organization, with easy access filters on all pages. As with the previous one, tasks and materials can be easily viewed and edited, not necessarily having to be in their own tab. Something that should be remembered is that the nomenclatures in it are very suggestive (Homework, Classes, Calendar, Settings), which facilitates the recognition of anyone, even if you are a new user of the app.

J no iStudiez, the first tab, ?Today?, also has a type of panel with tests, classes and tasks, but I found it less intuitive than in My Study Life; still, when the user adapts, this option can be optimal. The filters are also very present in this app and you can even choose to see the classes or tasks in the calendar. He is in third place as the way to go to edit / view a story a little longer; It is necessary to go to ?Planner? and, later, in the specific semester and the tasks and tests do not appear linked to it.

O Pocket Schedule starts with the schedule grid where you can view the calendar with tests or classes and the information related to them. The tabs ?Courses? and "Assignments" make these options more obvious and easy to access, too. Other semesters, holidays and teachers were well organized in the tab "More". Still, the option of adding evidence (in "Timetable") is not as obvious as it could be and, for some reason, the name and description of a task did not remain on the same editing screen (it is necessary to touch the field to edit separately). I am also trying to understand the option and the difference "Assignments" to the "Tasks" (why is this here?).

Finally, we have the The Dog Ate It. I thought the app didn't take advantage of the space at the bottom so well. At first, it only shows the materials and it is only possible to view and add tasks on the specific screen of each material. In the calendar, you can still view tasks, but when you try to add them there, only the option for a new reminder (reminder) instead of a new assignment or class. Therefore, in the ?work as a whole?, I found that he left something to be desired because he did not have options more clearly arranged.


In the table below, I have listed some of the most basic features a student could want and also some that have appeared in more than one app.

iStudiezmyHomeworkMy Study LifePocket ScheduleThe Dog Ate It
Calendar / schedule tableYESYESYESYESYES
Division by semestersYESAT THE – After the configured date, the classes are separated into ?past classes?YESYESYES – To archive the current one, you need full version)
Notes (description) on tasksYESYESYESYESYES
Attachments to tasksAT THEYES – On the back premiumAT THEAT THEAT THE
Scoring systemYES – With general average calculation (?GPA?)AT THEAT THEAT THEYES – With general average calculation (?GPA?)
Field for location (room and building)YESYESYESYES – In "Location"AT THE
NotificationsYES – At the Pro, for classes, exams and assignmentsYES – For tasksYES – For classes, tests and assignmentsYES – For classes and tasksYES – For tasks
Info. of teachersYES – With import option from the Contacts appAT THE – Only field in the field for the nameAT THE – Only field in the field for the nameYES – With photoYES – With import option from the Contacts app
Synchronization between devicesYES – At the ProYESYESYESAT THE
BackupYES – At the ProAT THEAT THEAT THEYES – Sending to your email
Password to lock the appAT THEAT THEAT THEYESYES
Modify the type of class (lecture, seminar, etc.)YESAT THEAT THEYESAT THE
Select different cones by subjectYES – Just a few freeAT THEAT THEAT THEYES
Add credits by subjectYESAT THEAT THEAT THEYES
Customizing colors / themesAT THEYES – At the premiumAT THEAT THEYES
Back for Apple WatchYES At the ProYESAT THEAT THEAT THE
Unique features worth mentioning
  • At the Pro, you can set up online classes and notify them.
  • Possibility to integrate the entire system calendar or Google Calendar and view / edit events both in other calendars and in iStudiez itself.
  • Classes and exams (with specific times) count down.
  • Option to add ?partners? to a task from contacts.
  • Integration with schools and teachers connected to
  • Option to edit classes that started earlier or ended earlier.
  • Option to add syllabus matter (premium).
  • Possibility to create a review task for tests previously added.
  • Progress bar to mark how many percent has already been made.
  • Overview at the beginning of the app ("Dashboard").
  • Option to search for anything in the app.
  • In each subject, you can see the day of past and future classes, as well as cancel them easily.
  • In addition to "Assignments" (?Tasks?), there is a tab only for general tasks and projects (as if it were a task manager).
  • List of books for the subject (names and prices, added at the end).

Here I really took into account the amount of resources (without differentiating between paid and free versions). Counting the resources in the table above, we have the iStudiez with 18, followed by Pocket Schedule and at The Dog Ate It tied with 12 and finally the myHomework it's the My Study Life also tied with 11.

Although I am a little reluctant to evaluate resources quantitatively, I believe that this is the most visible way to analyze this issue. However, as always, it is good to remember that whoever will assess which resources weigh more when choosing the user and, therefore, the table may help. I think it is necessary, however, to make some reservations regarding some features of the apps.

There is a very unique function in the My Study Life that can help a lot: the option Search, in which it is possible to search any thing within the application, be it a matter of previous years, a semester, an academic year, a teacher, a task, a test, a review and more. As I explained in the previous topic, the Dashboard It is also a differentiator of the app, as well as the progress bar of a task, which can be either a positive point (for those who use it) or a negative point (as only by placing the bar at 100% that the task is considered complete).

O iStudiez, in addition to having the largest amount of resources, the most customizable of all myHomework come right behind. In it, you can choose between the notes system by letters (A +, A-, etc.), by points or percentage, and you can control which is the maximum.

Another fantastic feature is the option to sync any other calendar to it. That said, I was able to sync both Google Calendar and the native iOS calendar, view and * edit * events directly from iStudiez. That is, if the user wants, he can use the app as his only calendar and to-do app. With the verse ProIt is still possible to share the calendar (tasks, classes, tests) with other users. And, even with all these possibilities, it is still easy to choose and configure.

O The Dog Ate It, as well as iStudiez, it also has a scoring system and general average, but apparently it is only possible to configure the system in letters (even if it can be added in a note, it calculates and places a letter) not to mention that I found it complicated, at first sight, to configure ( three different forms of letter systems).

I considered the application Pocket Schedule interesting but some things bugged my mind. For example, what would be the need to have a password in a college task management application (feature also in The Dog Ate It)? I'm not judging, I just want to understand. And, perhaps, what I found most strange the tab Tasks; I still don't understand the need to add an extra tab for tasks and projects without being connected to the materials or classes in any way.


Our smartphones don't leave our side, so most of the time we need to consult some of the apps, possibly it would be available on our devices. However, the use of an application depends a lot on the circumstances and the planning method of each one. Therefore, we will also analyze their availability here, putting in check the variety of supported platforms.

The winner in this regard was the myHomework. In addition to free versions for iPhone, iPad and Mac, it also has web versions, for Android, Chromebook, Windows and even for Kindle Fire!

The second and third places are controversial, so each one evaluates according to their needs. That is, iStudiez has two versions, one free (Lite) and one paid (Pro); all two are available for iPhone, iPad and Mac, as well as for Windows and Android. My Study Life has a free app for iPhone, Windows, Android and Google Chrome; despite having no Mac or iPad app, it has a web version that works great on any of the devices mentioned above. So, if you prefer apps and need to use them with iPad and Mac, iStudiez is your second place; If you think it's more important to have access to the app's content anywhere and anytime, My Study Life is your # 2.

Pocket Schedule ranked fourth because it is only available for iPhone and iPad; lastly we have The Dog Ate It, which is only available for iPhone.


All five apps we choose are free. However, with the exception of My Study Life, everyone has a paid version for those who want more options. Below, we list from the cheapest to the most expensive.

  1. My Study Life: completely free;
  2. Pocket Schedule: free, with verse Pro per $ 2 (removes advertisements and adds tasks / tests to a widget in the Notification Center);
  3. The Dog Ate It: free, with the full version by $ 2 (reminders, file archiving and the option to add more than four materials);
  4. myHomework: free, with verse premium per $ 5 (removal of advertisements, various topics, attachments, possibility of completing a task by widgets and option of syllabus);
  5. iStudiez: free, with verses Pro for iOS ($ 3) and macOS ($ 10), giving you the right to notifications, backups, synchronization between devices, more semesters, Apple Watch app, support for 30 languages ??and widget.


Analyzing all the questions above and the positions of each app, we conclude that the big winner in cost / benefit is the My Study Life.

Because it is completely free, well organized and has all the necessary options, he managed to win. However, as I always make a point of quoting in comparisons, the last word is always that of the user. There are those who prefer to use more direct tools, without having to configure a lot; but there are also those who prefer something more complete (which entails some complexity). That is, do you only need the app on the iPhone or prefer to use it on the Mac and / or iPad? Are you the type who likes warnings popping up to remind you of appointments or not? All of this needs to be taken into account when choosing.

Second, there is the iStudiez. Yes, he is much more stout, but also more affection, which ended up weighing a lot in comparison. Next, we have the myHomework and its support for a multitude of devices; he is barely in a better position, but having to pay (even if only a little more) to have more resources can also affect the user's evaluation (even if only a little more).

O Pocket Schedule and its bright green came in fourth place for having some options a little distant from the intent of the app and perhaps not being the most intuitive option. Finally, as one might suppose, the funny The Dog Ate It starting with the name, n? The application is very recent, so we still hope that it can make better use of the space it has and make the options more intuitive.

Another thing that I always need to hit the key is that none of this works without making it a habit, something that updates every day and is always following. Starting a study plan is always easy; it is difficult to maintain it. So, take advantage of the tips and keep striving to be a great student. ?

Worth mentioning

As we prioritize more similar apps in their essence, we also separated some that had no way to compete but deserve a quote.

O Class Timetable The simplest way for you to view your article grid for the week. It is available for iPads and iPhones on the smaller device, I need to buy it for $ 1 a version Pro to have access to the calendar view (timetable) horizontally.

With the Brazilian Easy Study, you organize your study routine, time how much you can study and can see the time statistics by subject. The great advantage of the developers here was to create several study plans for competitions already ready but, of course, these are only available in the plan "Coach" ($ 4 / ms).

O The Homework App was one of the most highly rated to win this comparison; however, it was updated during my tests and I just couldn't go any further. The application no longer logged in, just asked to log in incessantly. I regret that I quote it here, but I hope that, until this comparison is published, it has already been fixed.

Finally, the School Assistant it doesn't do very well in terms of class organization because the system is not so intuitive. However, it can be used to save your notes in the option "Notebook" (whose pages resemble notebook sheets with staff and have animation around) and also the option "Books", by which you can send PDF files.

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