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Victim loses R $ 12,000 in fake Nubank employee scam | Security

A Nubank customer lost more than R $ 12,000 after falling into a scam by a fake fintech employee. According to the victim, a 46-year-old assistant, the scammer claimed that there were attempts to invade the account and requested the sending of personal documents to update the customer's record. The crime was reported by Central de Polcia Judiciria (CPJ) de Americana, city of So Paulo, on Tuesday (18) last week. In CPJ testimony, the aide reported that in January he received a call from a man who claimed to be a Nubank employee. The information is from a newspaper report The Liberal.

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The criminal asked the client to send a copy of the ID and a photo, a request that was promptly answered by the victim. In a note sent to the newspaper The Liberal, fintech clarified that it never requests personal information by email or phone, and that the case was resolved directly with the customer.

Victim loses R $ 23,000 in fake Nubank employee scam Photo: Rodrigo Fernandes / TechTudoVictim loses R $ 23,000 in fake Nubank employee scam Photo: Rodrigo Fernandes / TechTudo

Victim loses R $ 23,000 in fake Nubank employee scam Photo: Rodrigo Fernandes / TechTudo

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Also according to the assistant, the fake employee claimed that the digital banking system was unstable and that attempts to invade the account had been recorded. Sending the documents, therefore, would be part of a security procedure to update registration information.

The man did not suspect the coup until he received a call from Nubank on February 18. He was informed that his bank statement contained a loan of R $ 12 thousand, which was transferred to two different accounts, in the amounts of R $ 5.5 thousand and R $ 6.3 thousand. In testimony to the Civil Police, the victim said that he did not authorize any of the transactions.

Wanted by the newspaper The Liberal, Nubank explained that the case was dealt with directly with the client and claimed to have taken all reasonable steps. The digital bank also stressed that it does not make phone calls or send e-mails requesting photos, identification documents or other sensitive information. Check the note below:

"Nubank informs that the case has already been dealt with in direct contact with the client and all measures have been taken.

We take the opportunity to clarify that under no circumstances do we make calls to customers requesting the sending of photos and that we never ask customers to send us their documents or other sensitive information by email. The type of activity reported by the client is a crime and we will always collaborate with the competent authorities to investigate and deter actions like this. "

It is worth mentioning that scams from calls and false messages are common in the banking area. Banks and financial institutions, in general, do not usually contact customers by phone to ask for information. It is important not to expose personal or financial data over unknown links, and to rely only on information required by the official means of the institution such as through the application or the website.

Links sent by SMS or e-mails by senders who impersonate banks may also be suspect. It is best in this situation to ignore the message and contact the institution to confirm the veracity of the text.

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