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Two more original productions enter the Apple catalog, including a drama with actress Octavia Spencer

, friends, Apple's entry into Hollywood and the world of original productions it seems to be a path of no return with or without Netflix in your pocket. In the past few days, two more original Ma productions have been announced and will join previously announced titles such as the remake ?Hordias Extraordinrias? and the space drama of Ronald D. Moore.

The first one, as informed by the Variety, a dramatic series entitled "Are You Sleeping" and starring the Oscar winner Octavia Spencer (from ?Crossed Stories?). The project, created and written by Nichelle Tramble Spellman, is based on the homonymous book by Kathleen Barber and revolves around a podcast about real crimes and the public's obsession with this type of content.

Octavia SpencerOctavia Spencer

Reese Witherspoon, who is already involved with Apple in another series to debut in the future, produce the project, and Sarah Koenig, host of the popular podcast "Serial" in which the show certainly draws some inspiration from serving as a consultant. There is still no information on the start of production or release date.

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The other production that is finding its way to Apple Music or whatever its name is when this bunch of non-musical series starts to debut a serial documentary by the name "Home", as reported (again) Variety.

Similar in concept to some programs that we are used to seeing on paid channels like GNT or TLC, the series showcases ?extraordinary houses? around the world, focusing on the creative process of its creators and the experience of the residents. A first season of ten episodes, each one hour long, has already been commissioned by Apple.

Let more news come!

via MacRumors, Cult of Mac